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Dear Guest,

Thank you for visiting our homepage. CEGER Ltd. has been offering full translation and print services of user manuals, catalogues, certificates since 2001.
Our experience is that difficulties may occur when translators send you only Microsoft Word documents or Rich Text files and another company, the impositor, has to bring them to a printable shape.
In our company translating, editing and printing all happen at the same place, which prevents communication and technological problems between two or more subcontractors. Our clients simply hand us a copy of the original document and we deliver it accurately translated and in a visual form completely identical to the original.
The same goes for documents in digital form, e.g. PDF files: we create the same file format in the same layout including the cover, figures and indexes. We are able to treat QuarkXpress and Adobe Indesign files.
Translations are double-checked by a proofreader correcting spelling and typing mistakes.

We offer you a test translation for FREE just to assure you the quality work CEGER Ltd. is able to bring you!

Ceger Ltd.
Representative: Peter Mehlhoffer
2/B Kazinczy str.,
Erdőkertes, Hungary 2113
Phone: +36-70-365-6128
E-mail: info@hasznalati.hu
Web: http://www.hasznalati.hu